1. Your participation in this event is at your own risk and responsibility.
  2. Participation in the competition is possible for persons who are at least 3 years old for the kids run, 13 years old for the 5 km and 15 years old for the 10 km.
  3. All participants have to follow up on the instructions by or on behalf of the organization.
  4. This event is meant for running participants only; inline-skating, roller skating, cycling or any other form of non-running is not allowed.
  5. The 5K and 10K races have a time limit to ensure  that the route and finish area can be cleared in time. The time limit for the 5K is 45 minutes, for the 10K the time limit is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Participants that take longer to complete the race will not be added to the results and cannot finish.
  6. Prize money is reserved for the first three male and female finishers of the 10K race. The ranking for the prize money will be determined in order of finishing (gross times) and is not bound by the different age categories.
  7. Participants agree that any photographs or videos of them during the event can be used by the organization without a possibility to claim compensation.
  8. By registering for this event you declare that you are aware of the risks that are involved with participation in this event. You declare that you are in adequate physical shape to perticipate in this event in responsible way. The organization strongly advises you to take a medical test.
  9. By registering for this event you declare that you will not hold the organization or its volunteers and staff responsible for any injury, harm, damages or theft that you will possibly suffer in relation to your participation in the event.
  10. The organisation has under special circumstances the right to, in case of force majeure, or when the situation calls for it, change the mentioned dates and times of the Sloterplasloop, or cancel the event. In these cases you have no right no damages or endured costs will be compensated. In principle, there will be not reimbursement of the registration fee or other payments.
  11. U need at all times to follow instructions by the organisation or by people that can, based on their appearance of clothing, identified as people that are part of the organisation of the Sloterplasloop.


  1. Your registration is strictly personal and not transferrable.
  2. When after completion of the registration you decide not to participate in the event, restitution of the registration fee is not possible.
  3. When you do not return your time registration chip within 1 week after the day of the event, the organization will charge you for the cost of the chip.
  4. The organization is not responsible for any additional costs made by the participant when the event has to be cancelled due to circumstances out of control of the organization. When the event is cancelled due to circumstances out of control of the organization, no alternative date will be set for the event.
  5. When the event or parts of the event have to be cancelled at a late time due to circumstances out of control of the organization, where possible partly restitution of the registration fee is possible. This will be judged by the organization only.

Course records

  1. Course records are measured in gross time.


  1. Your personal information will be registered in a database of the organization of the event. By registering for the Sloterplasloop, you grant permission to use your personal information to send you information, for anonymised data-analysis and, provided you have explicitely given permission to do so on the registration form, share personal information to third parties to share information with you.
  2. By participating you grant permission to the organisation to publicize your name and results, for instance through publication in newspapers or on the internet.
  3. The organisation has the right to remove you from the Sloterplasloop in case u are not behaving in lines with these terms, or show inproper behaviour, or if based on medical consideration, or to ensure the Sloterplasloop takes place in an orderly manner.

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